24h of creating, networking and collaborating with like-minded Gen-Z creators.

This hackathon is not your typical coding challenge—it's a call to redefine how we work, collaborate, and communicate!

📍 Moermanskkade, Amsterdam
🤩 Free access, food & drinks
🤝 Network with like-minded creatives and builders.

Up for the challenge? Let's create together! Limited seats available.

High five! 👋

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Moermanskkade, Amsterdam

Nothing is as changeable as work. From asynchronous remote work to building a TikTok empire: Gen Z individuals are pushing boundaries that were once unthinkable. Explore, conceptualize, and create solutions that will be defining for the future alongside 150 other Young Creators.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a creative thinker, or simply curious about the future of work, we invite you to join us in reimagining the modern workspace. Your insights and innovations can craft how the world operates tomorrow!

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What the heck is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a 24-hour long event where creators with different skills get together to work as a team and find creative solutions to problems. It's like a marathon for hacking and creating things. Whether you are a developer or not: you are welcome!

But I can’t hack, can I still participate?

Hackathons are not just for programmers or hackers. While programming skills can be useful, hackathons are also about collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving. You can contribute in various ways, such as through design, idea generation, project management, or even providing valuable insights and feedback.

Coaches and experts are available as well. Those can help you and your team with generating ideas, giving tips about i.e. designing, prototyping and developing.

What is the goal of the hackathon

When you bring together smart young people, often magic happens. It challenge each other, leverages each other skills and create friendships. You'll also get a lot of inspiration from what other teams are doing and learn new technologies.

When and where is the hackathon?

The hackathon is on Friday 24 November 16:00 until Saturday 25 November 19:00. The location in Amsterdam will be announced soon. We are sure you really want to be here.

Can I sleep there?

Obviously we encourage you to go through the whole 24 hours, but we provide some (quite) places to take a nap ofcourse 💤

I don’t have a team

No worries! Teams are formed at the beginning of the event, either through a random selection process or by allowing participants to form their own teams.

I already have a team

Good for you! Does the team consist of 3-5 people? Let all the team members sign up individually and register the team at the start of the hackathon. If you are still looking for some team members, you can pitch your idea at the beginning of the hackathon, and recruit others for you team.

What should I bring?

You should bring your own laptop, chargers, and any other tools or software you need to work on your project. We will arrange dinner on Friday and breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks on Saturday.

The YC Hackathon is fully driven by volunteers of Young Creators

If you are interested making an impact on the lives of thousands of dutch Young Creators – consider helping us out and join the Events-team! Friends, fun and network guaranteed.
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